Safe Kids is opensource and intercepts inappropriate content and teaches children how to make safer choices.

Safe Kids is the Internet on training wheels

Safe Kids artificial intelligence uses sophisticated models to intercept content other tools traditionally miss.

Is this really the best thing for you to be doing?

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It's normal to learn about grown up stuff.

Did you know that stuff like this is often made by hurting women and children?

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We all end up clicking on things we shouldn't.

Did you know that spending less time in front of a screen may help you sleep better?

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AI smart scans websites,not just keywords, to intercept accidental clicks and shocking searches.

Safe Kids approved
is a government website

Safe Kids blocked
used to be an adult website

Safe Kids AI smart scans desktop chat,like Discord and in-game chats,to intercept bullying and grooming red flags.

Someone tells your child they are worthless and should be dead.

Child jokes with friends about laughing to death.

Safe Kids AI smart scans URLS and website content, not just keywords, to intercept inappropriate content before it’s seen.

Child searches for civil war guns for school project.

Child searches for automatic rifles.

Safe Kids is password-protected so even the most tech-savvy kids can’t remove it.

Chrome Extension

Kids can’t remove it.
Parents can toggle it off.

Outline custom limits so Safe Kids

blocks what you’d like

Get notifications of blocks

Select how often you’re notified

Patented approach to behavior change

teaches kids to make better choices.

Safe Kids AI identifies

intent-based behavior to catch red flag searches before other platforms might.

Our mission is to keep kids safe online. Safe Kids is developed by kids, mental health experts and supported by a world-class advisory team.

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